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Adding Value to the Real Estate Community in Maine


Chad Latham - a licensed professional real estate broker, is available for hire in York, Cumberland and Oxford counties. A Maine resident for over 25 years, he has practiced real estate full time for the past 14 years.  Starting as a real estate sales agent, he has progressed significantly, reaching the highest rank of achievement noted as a Broker licensee.


Having attended over 400 hours of professional certification courses representing all facets of the real estate industry, he is a highly skilled individual - excelling in negotiating on behalf of his buyers and sellers. He is a true professional when it comes to navigating real estate transactions from start to finish.


Chad is the co-owner of Portland based real estate marketing firm and currently works closely with more than 200 real estate agents and developers throughout Maine. He is one of the first to bring 3D/VR property tours to Maine.  Extremely motivated, he has the ideal skillset when it comes to initiating highly effective real estate marketing. Chad’s hands-on experience includes residential, new construction, multi-unit, antique homes, lakefront and luxury real estate.


Mr. Latham was a previous licensee with Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage and Keller Williams Realty.  Currently, he is offering his real estate skills through Locations Real Estate Group, LLC, in Falmouth, ME. Chad can be contacted by phone at (207) 467-5127 or through his website  


Ensure that you get the best brokerage experience possible by working with one of the top real estate marketing specialist in Maine.


Chad Latham

(207) 467-5127

594 Congress Street, Portland, ME  04102


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Michael Fitzgibbons, REALTOR®  |  Broker


Behind ever real estate transaction there are life changes occurring...


Philosophy: Behind ever real estate transaction there are life changes occurring... people nesting in their first home or with someone new, growing families, children gone, climate or professional relocation, getting older, relationships changing; limitless are the scenerios. Real Estate Brokerage is about property, and more. It's about helping people effectively, and that requires listening. Are you familiar with this quote by Theodore Roosevelt: "People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care"? In your experience, would you say this statement is true?


Early on: The face that I've been involved with Real Estate surprises no one that really knows me. I come from a background that has had interests in real estate for business, or development for three generations preceding me. This probably sounds more important than it was. When I was very young, there was a television show which aired in the Boston area: Builder's Showcase. The show highlighted new homes being built in subdivisions. in the metropolitan Boston area. This was my first glimpse at the field of real estate.


I first came to Maine as a tourist; a son of Midwestern parents transplanted to Massachusetts who found thier way to Long Lake (Bridgton) in 1961 with five kids in tow. I was two. The 20' x 30' cabin they bought sat alone in a cove for almost a decade before their first neighbor in the cove arrived. We also began coming in the winter to ski. We would snow show in and, as we had no running water in the winter, my brother and I would carry water in from the spring fed well. A great amount of the skiing I did growing up was at Shawnee Peak, then Pleasant Mountain. My first job was pumping gas at Bill's Mobil Station on Main Street in Bridgton following my sophomore year in high school. During college I worked. I had a business and I sold Saab Automobiles in Framingham Mass. I graduated early from Babson College in December of 1980. I hold one degree in Finance and another in Respiratory Therapy.


Career: The greatest duration of my career has been spent employed as a mortgage loan officer for banks. The professional accomplishment I am most proud of was work done as an employee of Citibank made possible under the Community Reinvestment Act. I can't behin to venture how many people were provided the opportunity to purchase a home through mortgage products designed to make home ownership possible in inner cities. It was immensely gratifying work.


Volunteering: The concept of volunteering is something I picked up early from watching my folks get involved. One of my favorite volunteering experiences to date was working with Down Syndrome children while living in Baltimore. This activity included driving a van on excursions, swimming, and helping with special events. People with Down syndrome have this uncanny gift to share goodness. This past winter, I had the pleasure of working with the Adaptive Ski Program at Shawnee Peak. This is a wonderful program that works with skiers with a variety of challenges. When it comes to volunterring, you probably would not find me on the board of an organization. More likely, you would find me on the front line where the cause is in full action; personally, it brings the most gratification.


Family: If you are a sentimentalist who reflects on the stages that visit your family, we have much in common. Above al, I am a dad. I experience all the joys and trials that go with parenting. I am also a son who watched a dad live a full life until the age of 81. As one of four grown children, we lend time to a mother that can be stubborn about not to wanting to impose on her children. Depending on your age, you may be able to relate. As a family, we are in the throes of life which now includes my partner Chad.


Wrap up: People tell me I have easiness in my manner. With this said, you have a goal of buying or selling a home. I offer a wealth of energy and healthy acument for real estate including state of the art tools and knowledge. The questions I have: Is there anything you need now? How can I help? What can I do? I welcome the opportunity to speak by phone or meet in person; whichever is most comfortable for you. Thank you for considering my service.


Kind regards, Michael Fitzgibbons

(207) 730-9170

594 Congress Street, Portland, ME  04102



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